Aircraft noise in Kent

Today's skies over Kent have never been busier.  Over the past few years the increasing air traffic has been affecting homes in Tonbridge, Leigh, Penshurst, Chiiddingstone, Edenbridge.  The concentration of flights over the increasingly narrow area caused disturbance to Hever Castle’s Festival Theatre.

Talking to Gatwick Airport and NATS I have seen the tighter landing paths and talking to the people of West Kent, and living under the flights myself, I know the impact of this intensity and I want to see the pressure on these communities eased.  The current noise cannot continue.

What would be worse is Gatwick’s plan to expand.  It can’t be a good idea to massively increase the air traffic over West Kent.  Already the infrastructure around the airport is strained.  It would be very damaging to the communities of West Kent to see a second runway and I will oppose it.

Please join me in campaiging to stop Gatwick's expansion.  It is the wrong answer for Britain, for our transport infrastructure and for West Kent.